Mark Bullock, Sales & Commercial Director – Brockmoor Foundary

“I decided to attend a Strategic Leadership course run by Wendyanne in an effort to connect more effectively with my team. I had been wrestling with the usual conundrum of being suitably authoritative and aloof whilst eliciting loyalty and dedication. The course was defining in many ways as it fostered a self-awareness, which no other similarly badged course has come close to doing.

I learned that I did not have to be apologetic for harbouring reasonable expectations and holding people to account. I also learned that a team of people is incredibly complex demanding diverse and flexible approaches. The course also made me realise that not having an intimate knowledge of every detail of the business would not render me any less effective. On the contrary, freeing myself from the minutia has given me creative license to ponder bigger ideas and issues, which will help shape the future of the business far more effectively.

I have since enrolled 2 senior managers on the course. Both have exhibited considerable potential but both have struggled to emerge from the shackles of their former positions. After a handful of sessions, they seem to be on a similar path to me with their new-found confidence and maturity. I envisage sending other senior managers also.

I owe Wendyanne a huge thank-you. Her charisma and engaging personality has been a breath of fresh air. She is incredibly perceptive and adapts learning content very dynamically and I would highly recommend the course to all Managers and Directors!”

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