Chemical Manufacturer – Sales Manager

I work for a chemical manufacturer and I am the Sales Manager.

During the 12 months there have been many sessions which have really stood out –

  • Effective meetings – I personally took a lot from this session and run meetings completely differently now.
  • Presentation skills – was quite uncomfortable to have to present, be videoed presenting and watch yourself back. However, it was so eye-opening to do it and has changed the way I present. I think the key thing was to remember to be yourself and to not feel you shouldn’t insert your own personality. I have presented at International conferences since we did this session, and the presentations have been very well received.
  • Managing performance – session was great as I can apply to our distributors, but also to people I will now be managing a team of people in my new job position as business manager.
    The course as a whole has helped me to challenge my thinking and approach things differently at work. I have also been promoted to business manager at my current employer, which I definitely put down to doing this course.

The course has also improved my confidence greatly, I would never have even applied for the new job position at my company if it hadn’t been for taking this course. As part of my interview I had to do a presentation and I received very positive feedback on it.

It is a very interactive course, it’s not just a matter of sitting and learning whilst somebody lectures at you. The way the course is run make you get involved in activities all whilst taking away the key learning points.

In particular, the way in which Wendyanne runs the course is fantastic – everybody gets involved, learns new techniques which are designed to make you a more effective manager all whilst having some fun.

I cannot recommend the course enough. It has absolutely been the best 12months and I have thoroughly enjoyed going to each session. It has been a great pleasure to meet so many new people – we will remain friends.
Whether you’re a new manager or have been in management for some time, I would recommend this course as it opens your mind to new ways of doing things. Just because things have been done a certain way for a long time, does not necessarily make them right!

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