Business Owner & Managing Director – SME West Midlands

Over the years, I have attended many coaching & NLP programmes, so when I was asked to join a cohort for a series of leadership coaching sessions I went with the usual skeptical attitude a lot of people with years of business experience could be excused of having. I came out of the first session and felt I’d taken breath of ‘fresh air’, a light had truly been switched on.  Wendyanne’s ability of empathy and interaction enables you, as an individual to draw out the positives. 

I revisited areas of confidence which helped my self-esteem and made me believe in myself all over again. She took me into corners I didn’t even know existed to create the tools needed to accomplish & progress to my goals. It is a privilege to identify with someone that can make a difference not only to your business but to your character, stretching your capabilities to ultimately reach your aspirations.

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